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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  January 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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breaking news on "the now tampa bay." >> winston still has to go to court. we'll explain. >> >> hundreds of workers wanted at the airport. leggoland and the search for people woe are good on the phone. three things you can do, right now to make yourself stand out with a new job. >> >> happening right now, youen going to believe this, seven deputy recruits from the sheriff's office reportedly caught doing something you would never believe. let's listen into the live news conference. >> terrible decisions, terrible judgment, this is no accidents.
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four of them met in a restaurant, shared information. they passed the test around. there was a lot of communications. it was all clandestine, doing it in a garage, passing tests, doing it via e-mail. "don't send to to this one q" make sure you hide this. it was all desiteful and deliberate. nobody who engages in that conduck should be a law enforcement officer. they have character problems. >> it came to light last wednesday and it came to light because one of the deputies. a field training deputy, when her recruit was taken the exam, she got 100 on the exam. the way she was answering the questions during the oral board as well.
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she knew too much. she was too on top of it in a way they had never seen before. that was a red flag to the field training deputy that something was not right. she had too much make. she was too much on top of it. it was a red flag to her -- i wonder if she had the information ahead of time. she had too much right about it. she had rehearsed it and practiced it. that's how it came to light because her instincts were correct that something was wrong and she confronted the deputy recruit about it and after some discussions. the deputy recruit admitted this. . >> what you are listening to is exactly what you thought you heard. parentally seven different deputy recruits caught cheating on their field training exams.
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someone gave them the test. one of them making 100. the sheriff thought that something was fun in. we'll have more on that in a little bit. >> >> happening right now, a deadly fire at a lakeland seniors in facility. we are learning it was 59-year- old john conley that died in the fire. it all started with a cigarette. joining us live in lakeland, the firefighters say the situation could have been a lot worst. >> absolutely, some good things to be able to come out of this because of the lives that were saved. any time you have a fire in a high-rise building, it will be a challenge to fight that fire and make rescues. even those with mobility firefighters say they were familiar with the building from previous medical calls and when the fire call came out, they
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lackland police officers evacuated all 41 instead. those unable to walk get down. fire crews say the building also had a lot working for it, concrete construction, specialized doors limiting the flames and smoke and saying if you were a loved one looking to move into senior living facility. you should look for. >> i would start with making been ineffected by the fire department and by the state as violations. >> reporter: bella vista did violations on record. the facility did have a working fire alarm system, but due to age of the building, they were not require required to have sprinklers.
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able to get back in tonight. the top two unites on the top floor there be uninhabitable for quite some time. >> kara, they can you. >> >> new clues in the murder of a plant city man. reginald brown found shot to death by his own mother. just released, the call she made to 9-1-1. >> the murder could have happened between friday and sunday. the cops say that's the last time anyone heard from brown. >> >> taking a look now at what it looks like outside of your window, our meteorologist, ivan -- it's warming up out there. >> it's warming up.
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morning tampa, 38 degrees. the coldest we have been since last winter. that's something. the sunshine has warmed us up. we are one spot look at saint pete at 47. 11 degrees warmer in surrounding areas the reason for that, the influence of the water. pinellas peninsula. water to west and east, water temperature 58. to get any component off the water, we had an east wind. 10-miles an hour, nine, eight, 10 and that kept saint pete at 47 degrees. very interesting. 65, right now in tampa. we have warmed up and we'll keep the trend going.
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forecast, tracking the next time rains. in a few minutes. right now, tampa is leading the state in new jobs krista is showing us who is hiring and a that job. >> reporter: right now, tampa international airport is looking to fill 125 positions by the end of march. how do you make sure your application gets noticed >> for these positions, experience is golden. start by listing at the top of your resume. examples how you have dealt with customers with regard to don't get too wordy.
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>> i don't think it's all about -- i would much rather hire for personalitity than skills. >> >> reporter: something as simple as smiling can land you a job. >> customer service job may be a good fit if you like to talk. carnival cruise line, hertz, hiring. to get this job, you need a land line and have to have a little energy over the phone. >> building legos? you might qualify for the job of your childhood dreams. merlinnent taintment is hiring legos. all you need is a high school diploma and creativity. persistence will eventually pay off. >> how many jobs have you >> hundreds. >>
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gotten calls back from? >> 11 -- or so. >> >> reporter: for "the now" -- kristi, thank you, breaking news, a school bus crash at little and trendty boulevard. minor injuries reported. students from seven springs middle school will bring you the pictures coming up. >> >> still ahead, the new mosquito virus, linked to a serious health issue in children. >> >> how about making money to lose weight? i'll take it, exactly how you can put it to good use and make $400 in the process. >> >> now one of the most talked about online. the lady that accused jamis winston of rape is getting a settlement.
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fsu admitted wrongdoing in a settlement to avoid other
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mr. we are at the intersection of trinity -- school bus from seven springs middle school was making a turn and apparently collided with a school bus. a lot of students in the bus at the time. i'm told there are minor injuries. some kids were taken to a local hospital, but as far as we
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serious, but definitely a lot pick up their students. i have the principal for seven springs middle school with us, right now, principal dunning tell our viewers on "the now" tampa bay." what can you tell us about what happened? >> an unfortunate incident of our understanding, the karan a red light, unfortunately, there was an accident. fortunately, all of the students are safe. >> nightmare. >> bus is still the safest form of transportation. happen, but all of the students walked away. >> reporter: no one was transported to the hospital or on their own? >> no one needed to take a ride
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-- >> thank you, principal dunning. right now. the front is caved in, traffic is backed up on trinity boulevard here in pascual county, but a lot of re-- none of the injuries were more some of the parents will be hospital as a precaution. >> thank you very much, the picture is on our twitter page. >> >> right now, virus something you will be hearing a lot about. for a couple of reasons, last week, we had our first case here in tampa bay. a man -- two, it's now suspected of causing serious birth defects and now, three, serious concerns about how far it could spread, including here in the united states. here is what we are learning. this is spread through certain
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fair share here in the tampa bay area. now, world health organization is warning it is expected to spread into nearly every country except for canada and chile. that's what we are hearing right now. now, this map shows all of the new cases that you are looking at, right now, in 21 of the 55 countries across south and central americas right now. cdc warning with the recent outbreaks, the number of people coming into the u.s. with the virus will likely continue to increase. with that, there is novak seens to block it and no medicine to treat it at this time. it can spread quickly because people have not been exposed to it, just yet, only one in five people show the symptoms, usually, symptoms are mile for most people. you could have a fever, a rash or joint pain. >> >> come upcoming summer olympics could be affected by
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games said all venues will inspected daily for moss keith tees. january is almost over, how is the new year's resolution going? especially if it were to lead a healthier lifestyle. what if i told you you could start earning money right now are just by losing weight. but, is it too good to be true? we checked it out for you. spotcheck if losing weight was part of your new year, new you resolution. if you are you likelele% of americans, forbes magazine said you have already ruined your resolution to loose weight. >> kyle taylor, founder of consumer saving site penny hoarder. com giving us the three.
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linking directly to fit fit or other technology. >> if you can run or walk 14- miles a week. they will give you enough points to redeem at lands end, sears. >> reporter: taylor said you can earn up to $400 a year. -- an independent contractor situation, you set your own hours and they give you 80% of the delivery fee. >> >> reporter: some claiming they make $25 an hour on this one. and finally -- >> you know the blood pressure machines you see at your local pharmacy, some of them are one by a company called higgy and they will pay you to stay fit and check your blood pressure. >> >> reporter: every little bit helps when it comes to saving
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they will not really "pay" you -- >> you want to remember, these apps are all free, you have nothing to lose about weight. we posted everything you need to know about the apps. with all of the walking we do -- >> we could make mad loot here's the thing, with the cycling, the thing doesn't register. beautiful day to do it, though. >> cold start, in the upper 30s, now we are in the mid- almost upper 60s, doing a little math there. almost 30 degrees.
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it's not going to be anywhere near as cold tonight as this morning. on the weather wall, showing you what is going on. doppler radar -- we get to see some changes here, cumulous clouds beginning to roll in across the southeastern part of the united states. that is what we will tap into. the south easterly flow will warm things up over the next couple of days and then we have to watch to the west. now, on the eastern plank, south easterly wind, already seeing some showers developing in the western gulf. this will be another system that will be here as early as tuesday night. we have owe tension for severe storms here we are, quiet monday. a couple of showers down south and then here we with on wednesday, ahead of the main line, wednesday morning, 3:00 am.
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ahead of it, showers and developing tuesday and wednesday. then, we have the main line, a cold front rolling in on wednesday into thursday. by the way, all of this, unlike the last event, will be accompanied by heavy rainfall. if you are you thinking anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches. it will pour in the next couple of days. we have a marginal risk of severe weather that will get upgraded. when i come back, i'll tell you what happens behind the system in time for the weekend. >> mr. ivan, thank you. >> >> remember tampa's whopper of a baby? all 14-pounds of him? he is turning one year old this week.
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story so popular.
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welcome back to "the now tampa bay." the biggest story of the day, literally. remember, the baby 14-pounds and one ounce born this time last year in tampa. he is about to celebrate his birthday. >> do you know that average baby is only 7 1/2 pounds. it would be like carrying nine i pods or three bags of flour. here's the crazy part. remember the other twist that she didn't even realize she was
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messiter. 34 weeks in. a request i had to ask how could she not know. tonight, she answers that. her answer came as a surprise to even me. she said being a mother of two already, she knew little avery was big. after 18 hours of labor. she wanted him out. problem, too late to do a c section so she delivered the natural way. it's hard to imagine it has been nearly a year. wait until you see little avery. you might be surprised to learn how much the little guy weighs. i'm excited to share. >> >> when can we expect that story?
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less than two weeks before the superbowl. we are already getting a sneak peek at some of the adds. -p pokemon is ads. pokemon is one. network president, cbs said some of the 30 second spots have sold for as much as $5 million. by the way, yesterday's denver patriots game, the most watched superbowl.
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>> we are continuing to follow the breaking news of a school bus crash in pascual county. we are told 534 students were on the bus. these are pictures from the scene many thankfully, we are hearing there were minor injuries in the crash. the school telling us four students said they were hurt and are now with their parents. the rest of the students got on a replacement bus and headed home. >>
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hour. the sheriff wrapping up awe recruits cheated on their feed training exam and the field training deputy out there that gave the recruits material ahead of time resigned today. >> he acknowledges he shouldn't be providing them. he told them not to share it. he said he didn't want to go to internal affairs for having provided this information. there is no question he knew what he was doing was wrong. >> he says interests no room for cheaters or liars in law enforcement. >> >> you can see from this school bus that got stuck today in new
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>> this is not your average storm, .2 inches more would have been the greatest snowfall in the history of new york city in the last century and a half. >> we are getting an updated look at the impact of the storm. new figures showing us at least 37 people have died in 11 different states, also washington, d.c early estimates say the storm could cost between $350 to $700 million for the cleanup, including lost pay, lost revenue and trying to clear out all of the no. how dig was the massive snowstorm? the next question. taking a look from space. this is crazy. >> yes, it is unbelievable. we talk about scott kelly. in the international space station. he was able to capture thunder snow that's a lightning bolt, you can see the light shining through, incredible. the storm was so dynamic, you
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atmosphere and that's enough to get yourself some thunder and lightning, incredible stuff, it happens with the big nor easters. it's an eerie site when you are in it. we'll be talking a little more in the next half hour about this strong storm that left people as you mentioned with feet of snow buried in feet of snow and it will be awhile before they dig out. >> this was hard to watch -- but i have a story that will make your day, look. >> >> we'll walk around and see woe is watching and -- >> i want to -- a special sur advice for stressed out travelers, a lab, greeting people, dealing with delays. she's a therapy dog for the
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her. her handler said making people smile is the best thank they can do. >> one woman stuck at the airport for three days said timing. >> when when i looked over, would smile. she brought a smile to my face. made me feel better about where i am and why i'm here. >> i know, it's interesting, the traveler is one of the people affected by the massive snowstorm. >> we'll be talking to todd later on. he will bring us the latest there in washington, d.c area, one of the areas affected. >> >> how about this? let's take you outside, upper 30s. very chili. recovering.
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sure hope not if you were listening to us all week. that would have been a bad idea. we had the seas out there. amazing. at this point, things beginning to quiet down >> there are the sunrise and sunset times as well as the high and low tides coming up. we'll recount the big snowstorm in the northeast and with this el nino pattern. more severe weather on the way for us. >> >> attorney general in michigan calling what is happening in flint an out rage. he is appointing a former prosecutor and former fbi chief to look into whether any laws were broken during all of this. the people in flynt are forced to rely on bottled water after the city's water system was
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the attorney general said he may take action to stop stop billing people for water they
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following the breaking news out of pascual county, you are looking for live pictures of a school bus crash, we are being told 53 students were onboard the bus. the good news here, only minor injuries. the school telling us a short time ago, students that said they were hurt were released to their parents, four of them. the rest of them got oven a
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>> a threat at a hospital they include having the devices identified and monitor how they could be susceptible to hackers and share the information with the government >> >> why would hackers want to look at your x ray? that is not what they are after. hospitals are connecting medical devices to the your personal information could
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patient systems, making your records easy for hackers to steal. we want to let everyone know everyone can weigh in on the guidelines. we have it at the now tampa >> >> nobody knows just how many drones there will, but at least 300 thousand are registered with the faa in the first 30- days of the signup process. the faa is trying to establish safety rules to make sure drones don't get in the way of airports. now, it was free to ruth spencerster, now, it's $5 that's for every day people. the faa is working on a separate plan for commercial drone operators, hoping to have that in place by spring. how seriously is the faa taking this. there are penalties for flying
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three years if prison and a
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look at some pictures out of pennsylvania. this accident appears to be weather-related, snow related. take a look at the roads there. it looks like they have been able to clear some of that out of the way, but the snow -- in abundance from friday, saturday, sunday, up in those areas. slowly life is returning to normal. slowly, the operative word here. we are talking about in the nation's capital, they are digging out from record snow. they are hoping school as well as our nation's leaders can go back tomorrow >> this is one for the record books, some areas of washington, d.c got upwards of three feet.
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>> todd walker, let us know how the beltway is doing. >> mountains of snow popping up all across the city it has to be hauled out by the truckload. still a snow emergency in effect here in washington, d.c because there is so much snow and it has to be dealt with somehow. after too much snow kept washington, d.c kooped up for too long. washington, d.c is now digging out. fighting back -- people pelted each other with two feet of snow that crippled them over the week. is there we want the city back. >> reporter: city officials are figuring where to put it all. >> the federal government was closed again today. there is so much snow it has to
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this one where it is piled up. this can go on for days. >> it's not just now plowing it off to the sides, we have to remove it. >> reporter: right now, there is simply too much snow on the ground t has to go somewhere. >> i have stayed out of the real intense mess so far, but we'll see what happens. snow mounds will stay here for up to six weeks. if they have not melted by then, they will have to deal with them somehow. pool will continue to try to dig themselves out. it has been unbelievable. phily, 22 inches. >> i think what we are seeing is the bus catch we have been telling you about.
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from that, what we were talking about was the snow, jfk airport saw 30.5 inches of snow, check out these police cruisers, we are about to show you that were buried -- look at that. >> when you have that much snow. it's not just the snow, but the wind of it they have to contend with as well. unbelieverrable. pictures coming owl of washington, d.c and phily. and completely snowed in in parts of west virginia where they got upwards of -- the winner of the big event. 42 inches in west virginia >> i have been stuck in some of the snowstorms in boston and that's what you see, white pretty much everywhere. >> i have a handy tape measurer here that i always have in my
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this is what it would be, right there. past my waist. >> this explains why two people died. >> it is heavy to lift some of that, especially some of the wetter snow. drifts are unbelieverrable. they have to deal with it. it's not a spring snow. we don't have more on the way. >> it has been gorgeous. temperatures with an east win. look at that.
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dig deep in our closets for the last few days, partly cloudy skies, guess what? tomorrow will be our last nice day for a couple of days. we'll have tomorrow and friday will be nice, but by the time we get into wednesday and thursday, that is what we will be talking about in fact, here's the storm redickion center. by the time we get too tonight and tomorrow, they will likely upgrade this especially if the models continue the way they have into a slight chance for severe weather. tuesday night into wednesday and thursday when the front comes in, question about thunderstorms, will they be severe in certainly the
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just for straight line winds -- we will be watching this very closely. we do clear out by friday with temperatures in the middle 60s, but what about the weekend? it's a big weekend. dennis will have the forecast for this in the next hour. >> >> right now, taking a look at the podium in iowa where democratic candidate hick is set to take the stage in just a moment. this is days away from the privatal iowa caucuses. we are being told bernie sanders in the area, 47%. hillary clinton behind him at 46%. chris kristi was at a town hall meeting this morning in new hampshire. he was asked if he doesn't get the nomination, would you
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he said it depends on who is nominated. donald trump campaigning in new hampshire today, a "fox news" poll showing he has 31% of the caucus members. ted cruz, rubio behind him, 13%. he is holding a couple of rallies in iowa, today. >> >> if there aren't enough candidates already in the race, a new one may be jumping in. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is considering his options, right now, word is he will decide in the first week of march if he will run as and independent. we know he has the money. he is waiting until after super tuesday to declare. thinks this could be a historic opportunity for an independent to be elected president
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and republicans pick. >> >> nearly two years after it disappeared, another clue about what may have happened to malaysia airline -- investigators were looking at this large piece of metal that you see on your screen that washed up on the beach. it's curved and covered, but you can you see numbers and hinges. they hope it's from the plane, there is speculation it could be part of an old japanese rocket. they have loaded it up and sent it to bangkok. 239 people were on board flight 370 when it vanished without a trace in march of 2014. so far, only one piece of debris has been found. >> >> a major cigarettemaker could be forced to do something no one in the industry has ever done. smokers are asking philip morris to pay for lung cancer screenings. a jury is expected to hear the class action lawsuit.
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knew they could make a fewer cigarette are fewer carts no jens, carts no kaczynski arcinogens but didn't. >> museum employees who allegedly broke king tut's beard -- museum workers allegedly mishandled and tried to reattach it with glue. conservationists pointed out the beard was already loose and
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but the glue should have been used as a last resort. the mask went back on after last year. the suspects are facing trial for unrefined restoration and negligence because they did not immediately report it to their superiors. right now, your chance to 500. here's how it all works, go to facebook you like the page and then you have to click on daytona 500 ticket give away. you click on that and every day, we'll put up a new trivia question.
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two weeks starting today. just for watching "the now tampa bay" i'm going to give you the right answers. here's today's question -- >> the right answer is lee petty, head to our facebook page to enter the correct answer for your chance to win. >> not all kids are learning cursive any more. but here in florida, it's part of standards and in washington state, one lawmaker is hoping to do the same. saying it is tradition. it got us thinking. can today's students connect?
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>> reporter: it has been a lot of while since alot of us have used cursive. even use cursive? in might be the only time euse our john hancock, these days, we don't need the pen. we asked college students to give us their answers on cursive in cursive of course. >> cursive is dead. i struggled writing it right now. it's horrible. >> it's >> reporter: why most young people are questioning why anyone should learn cursive >> i hate cursive and i hate all of you, i'm never coming back-to-school, never. >> all of the teachers told you
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>> maybe we are better connected keeping letters unconnected. not giving up on cursive, just yet >> i like handwriting because i think it's a form of your personality. >> >> reporter: the way we hold onto technology, holding onto tradition may be a tough sell. >> for "the now" i'm andy choy. >> >> right now, most states use common core standards which requires keyboarding skills, bedpost not require cursive. i'm laura harris that's it for the now tampa bay.
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good evening, thanks for joining us, seven recruits cheated on verbal as well as written exams. the recruits were caught, thanks to someone noticing mechanic can cal and some were scoring 100%. to make matters worst, a field training deputy provided the recruits with all of the materials they needed to pass. that recruit was sharing it with everyone else. >> every single one of these people, for doubt in my mind, every single one of them could
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without cheating, but it shows
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